Bob Millward - Football

Bob Millward
  • Bob has been a volunteer with Millwall FC for 40 years. In the early seventies as a supporter he answered the call for fund-raising lottery agents but admits to buying all the tickets himself.
  • He is a founder member of the Monday Club and ran the Club’s football team for three years before becoming a part of the ‘Lion’s Club’, the pre-runner of the Junior Lions, as currently exists, looking after younger fans and organising club open days, away travel, exclusive home area and the ever popular Christmas parties.
  • Since moving to a new Stadium in 1994 Bob has organised the ball-boys and match day mascots and was the first Chairman of the Junior Lions, a role now occupied by his son. He is a particularly modest individual and there are very few volunteer jobs that he has not done for the football club over the 40 years of unselfish and unassuming dedication.