Queen's Jubilee Award - 2011

Ann Van Beukelen - Swimming

Ann Van Beukelen
  • For voluntary service in swimming for over 50 years.
  • Being a swimmer herself, she passed her sport to her children, beginning a long association with Kingston Royals.
  • Has served the Club at Committee Level while serving as an official for the club for many years.
  • Created a relationship with Dutch Clubs, allowing club to compete against Dutch competitors.
  • Has also been a member of the Committee of Surrey County Water Polo and Swimming Association, looking after records and trophies while organising the Age Group Championships.
  • Was awarded the Presidentís plate for outstanding services to the region in 2003.
  • At the regional level, she has served on the London Region Shadow Board. She continues to serve the region by sitting on the regionís Swimming and Events Committee as the Regional Medals Officer.
  • First recipient of Jeff Cook Memorial Salver for services to the region.
  • Officiates national, regional, and county level events. Also officiates at local schools, clubs, and borough events.
  • Serves as the London Region Representative on the National Swimming Officialís Group.
  • Currently swims with the Kings Cormorants Swimming Club, preferring not to compete.