Queen's Jubilee Award - 2011

John Claridge - Motor Cycle Sport

Mr Motor Cycle
  • For voluntary services to Motor Cycle Sport for 53 years. Joined Greenwich Motor Cycle Club (GMMC) in 1956 and competed in Endurance Road Racing.
  • Elected to the Club Committee in 1958. Continues to be a Director of GMMC. Elected onto the Competitions Committee of the South Eastern Centre of Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) in 1988.
  • Past President of the South Eastern Centre ACU in 1999 and 2000.
  • Trained ACU Steward for Road Race meetings, and has been a track marshal at past events.
  • Member of Motor Cycle Sport on the London Federation of Sport since 1980.
  • Has written and published a ‘Code of Conduct’ for motor cycle sport use of farmland which was accepted by landowners and the National Farmers Union.
  • Obtained Lottery funding worth £30,000 for motor cycle sport in London and the South East, and also funding from Sport England for the first fully-funded motor sport event.
  • Campaigner to introduce motor cycle sport trials to the Olympic Games.