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About the Federation

The principal objectives of The Federation are to:-

  • Act as a voice and leader of the voluntary sport sector in London;
  • Supply sport information packs via FED INFO, to members on a regular basis;
  • Provide a sports and recreation forum;
  • Affiliate as members all Local Sports Councils and Sport Governing Bodies / organisation with the region;
  • Receive, consider and advise on action(s) to be taken on reports, recommendations and requests coming from its membership or related bodies;
  • Furnish collective user opinion;
  • Assist in assessing present and future needs of sport and recreation, whilst helping to cater for those needs through co-operative action in the planning, provision and use of facilities;
  • To consult with its membership and other bodies, as appropriate, over the presentation of any London view about sporting issues;
  • Give general support in furtherance of the stated objective and to consult and work with our relevant partners.

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